Stakeholders, Partners and the Community

At its heart, the Alliance places a premium on bringing multiple sectors and communities together and making tangible progress, collaboratively, through pursuit of a common vision while leveraging individual strengths and interests. As noted in Overview of the Alliance, “community” is defined here broadly to include researchers from social, behavioral and economic science (SBES) disciplines, engineers, mathematicians and technologists, research and operational meteorologists, emergency managers, and other strategic partners including Federal agencies, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and the private sector. Identifying the complex and nuanced environmental issues facing society requires a multiplicity of visions, voices, insights, and participants and demands a community-based approach. The structure of and activities associated with the Alliance (see Initial Programmatic Elements and Organizational & Administrative Structures) reflect the fundamental fact that all Alliance activity is driven by participants from the community; thus, success of the Alliance ultimately will be measured by the successes of its participants and partners, and by the extent to which its vision—which has been defined by the community—comes to pass.

The ethic of the Alliance is one of openness and inclusion, placing participation and engagement within reach of anyone who wishes to become involved (see Organizational & Administrative Structures). The Alliance welcomes those who already are committed to developing or are involved in addressing extreme environmental problems, and also actively seeks new perspectives and participants from across different disciplines and sectors of society, including diverse social groups and those traditionally underrepresented or underserved by current activities. The Alliance likewise seeks to engage young and early career professionals, novice experts, and students interested in connecting their unique experiences with the problems being addressed, enabling career development & enhancement, networking, and greater societal understanding. As a result, the extreme event community will remain dynamic and flexible in the face of future change.